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Junk Drawer

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Junk Drawer Zine #1  Indirect Objects

This zine is about second hand stuff, and the random, indirect nature of things.
Junk Drawer Zine #2  Junk Days

A chronical and a how-to junking guide, all from Junk Days.  This is the annual event where people in certain suburbs throw out all kinds of good stuff, and certain other people go out looking for stuff.

Junk Drawer Zine #3  Odds & Ends

This is an exploration into a junk drawer.  The odds & ends within are full of stories, memories, and inspire various observations.

Junk Drawer Zine #4  Finds  from streets to alleys

An ongoing search for interesting things all over the city lead to this zine.
Junk Drawer Zine #5  Junk Drawers On The Go
pockets, wallets, backpacks, and odds & ends that go along for the ride

Junk drawers need not always be stationary, and many odds and ends like to travel along wherever you go.

Junk Drawer Zine #6  Junk Drawer Landscape
parts of old buildings, abandoned train lines, and other odds & ends of the city

This zine goes outside the drawer, as the city landscape is viewed as one giant junk drawer, with all kinds of leftover odds and ends to discover.
Junk Drawer Zine #7  -  Junk Drawer Landscape Part 2
From the Drawer to the Streets:   tracing the origins of odds & ends

This zine returns to the drawer, only to discover that the odds and ends within point back to the city landscape. 
The clues are in the addresses marked on various objects, and from there the quest for their origins begins.
Issues of Junk Drawer are usually available at Quimby's in Chicago. 
Or if you can't find them, and want to get zines directly from the publisher (that's me) then just send me an email from the form below. 
With paypal or cash through the mail, I'll be happy to send you the issues of your choice.  Prices are $2 for quarter size, and $3 for the half size. 
Thank you for your interest in Junk Drawer zines! I will get back to you soon.
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